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Sep '15

Sold Syracuse House

imageimageimageimageimage image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image imageimageIt’s closing time!! Saying goodbye today. Almost 9 years ownership of this baby. Bitter-sweet. My heart aches as I take one last walkthrough and memories of playing ball in the basement gym, kids playing house under the stairs, digging in the sandbox, pushing them
On the swings for hours, gardening, picking apples off the tree, dinners on the back porch, the stairs I slipped on with Zach in my arms that broke his leg, dinner, family Halloween parties, kids catching Santa in the living room, movie parties and pool in the basement theater room, shoveling a culdusac of snow, favorite Christmas lights, 3linen closets boy this house is still missed and we only lived there 41/2 years. Had it rented for 4 1/2 years. Hailey Sierra  Zach Aurora mom and dad lived and loved there.

Sep '15


Forgot to post this last Monday. I’m the worst at remembering Family Home Evening lessons Monday nights. But this one was about friendship. We tried racing with 2 plates and a piece of spaghetti for teamwork. But we are too competitive the second team fought. Then it was over. But at least we did it.image image image

Oct '13

Leland G. Lay, Sr. Organ Loft SLC

We had some of Leland G. Lay, Sr.’s organ music converted from reel-to-reel to CD. Here is the music if you are interested.

Leland G Lay Sr – Organ – Part 1

Leland G Lay Sr – Organ – Part 2

Oct '13

A Compliment

Today turquoise and coral. The receptionist at the chiropractor gave me a compliment I cherish….she said, “Your girls are lucky to have such a cute mother, well put together.” Awe!!! I was glad to hear something positive.

Oct '13

Hailey's Writing a book


I looked over at my new friend, his black hair jumping around his pale, round face as he ran alongside me. I grinned at him with a sprinkling of raindrops resting in my hair, on my nose, and soaking Lizzy’s fur. Lizzy hung limply in my grasp, her stuffed pink bunny ears flopping down past her fuzzy, stumpy arms.
“I’m glad I met someone who knows their way around here,” I grinned as I hugged my sopping, pink, giant stuffed animal.
“No problem, Kylee,” he replied as he directed me to the silver-painted complex. “We’ll find the formula pretty quick with me around!”
“Of course; you seem like you live here,” I laughed, shaking raindrops from my long, light-brown tresses. I skipped behind him as he led the way to the large chemical lab. I thought back on how I’d gotten here. It started with an advertisement. “…and if you buy this amazing new formula that’s being developed and improved upon even now, your young child will grow faster, healthier and stronger than you thought possible…” Both Aden and I had heard the commercial, and had met up on the way to the complex. I, of course, was hopelessly lost, whereas he knew the route to the building like the back of his hand. Seeing that our goals were the same, he offered to help me find the formula.
Lost in my ponderings, I had forgotten about my surroundings. Old ice, melted into a filthy slush, skidded beneath my purple boots. My eyes widened and I reached out, arms flailing, trying to catch something to help me regain my balance, but there was nothing to grasp. I fell to the street, squeezing my eyes shut, when I landed on something… soft? Slowly, I peeked an eye open to see what caught me. I was face to face with Lizzy. Her shiny black eyes had an empty look in them, but then again, that was normal.
“Thanks, Lizzy!” I hugged my two-foot-long rabbit. Aden glanced back at me oddly. I counterattacked with a look that said “What? I’m not doing anything weird!” I got up and pulled Lizzy with me. Her side was covered in snowy sludge. I brushed off as much of the sleet as I could, and motioned for Aden to continue. However, he didn’t move. Instead, he gestured behind him with a tip of his head. I shifted my gaze in the direction he’d pointed at, and I covered my face with my hands, a little ashamed that I hadn’t noticed sooner…
“Oh. We’re here,” I stated the obvious. I shuffled my feet and sighed.
“Yeah, let’s just get going,” his skeptical look faded and a wide grin crept across his face. “Maybe even spy-movie style!” I could feel my own expression changing to match his; I loved spy movies! He and I walked around to the front of the silver-painted lab and walked in through the big glass double-doors.
In front of us was an amazing scene. There were people in long white coats everywhere, and what seemed like millions of clean white hallways in every direction. A tall lady with dark skin, glasses, and long, curly black hair smiled at us almost apologetically.
“I’m sorry, kids; you can’t be here without a parent.” She shook her head at us, noticing our lack of a guardian.
“That’s what I thought…” Aden smirked coolly at the lady and turned back to face the double-doors, sauntering towards them. I followed closely behind him. “That was cool!” I thought regarding his performance. The woman frowned in confusion behind us as we exited the building.
“Like I said, we’re going to do this spy-movie style,” he stated. “Follow me.” And follow him I did.
We crept to the back of the building, now, and saw the trash disposal chute. I tilted my head as if I were asking him whether we were entering the building through there. He nodded, seemingly answering my thoughts.
“Help me up, and then I’ll help your rabbit and then you,” he said, moseying over to a spot just next to the large garbage container. As I got closer, I noticed plastic gloves filled the enormous bin. I squinted up at him, careful not to let rain into my eyes.
“Step on my hands. I’ll boost you up. Ready?” I asked him, holding my hands out like a mini-platform.
“Are you sure I won’t hurt your hands?” he inquired. I was a little touched. My new friend was concerned about me! I told him it was fine. In reply, he took off his shoes, leaving them in the rain. He hopped up onto my hands. I counted to three. He was a little heavier than I’d expected, yet I still managed to heave him into the pipe… with a considerable amount of grumbling and straining myself, of course. I rubbed my sore right shoulder for a second, and then I passed up Lizzy. She was taken from my grasp and lifted high into the chute. I paused for a moment, then trod under the chute and stretched my arms up, waiting for help. Hands only barely larger than my own grasped mine and pulled me aloft.
When I got up, I found that there was a fork in the pipes; one way kept going straight up, while the other branched off at a ninety degree angle. Aden helped me onto the ledge formed by this and then let my hands go.
“Thanks,” I panted. Sweat mixed with rain glistened on my forehead in the dim lighting. I felt cold metal under the palms of my hands which were braced against the chute’s wall.
“Yeah,” he nodded. He pushed Lizzy towards me. I grabbed her soft, wet paw and started to drag her with me as I crawled down the chute. Aden reached an arm out in front of me.
“You might want to let me lead,” he suggested. “I did my research and I know how to get to the right room.” I nodded, though he didn’t quite catch the motion in the shadowy lighting. He slid in front of me, passing by an opening, taking a left, crawling on and on, until we reached another vertical shaft. He pointed down, then jumped. I gasped. What did he just do?! I crawled over to the edge of the tunnel, peering down in the direction he’d fallen. What I saw surprised me just a little. He was standing on solid ground; the vertical shaft had been an opening into a room!
“I’m coming down now,” I told Aden, and I jumped. Something behind me snagged, and instead of landing on all fours like I’d planned, my back hit the ground before anything else. I tried to inhale quickly; it was very disorienting! Then, I realized I was winded. I struggled to take a breath, choking on nothing. Aden looked over me and just smiled.
“This makes things more convenient,” he said. I fought for breath on the floor, unable to make myself move, unable to understand his sentence.
“W-what?” I gasped. I shifted my gaze to him, slowly regaining the ability to inhale.
“Aw, nothing,” he grinned. “Thanks for your help with letting me get to the formula. I’m going to drink the whole thing right now.” Slowly, comprehension spread through me. The skylight overhead, which had at first only been letting in a dull gray light, now flashed a brilliant blue. Thunder immediately followed. My eyes widened in shock.
“Aden…” I strained to sit up. “You… did you just… you used me!” I accused, eyes narrowing.
“Oh, I’m so sorry!” he shook his head, uttering a painfully insincere phrase. I quickly observed the room. Three of the four walls were covered with shelves, labeled with nothing but numbers. In the center of the room was a small, metal-rimmed glass top table, and resting on that table was a small beaker containing a white liquid. Next to it, there sat a little tag with the words “final product” written on it in fancy red ink.
“You wouldn’t do this…” I whispered furiously. “I came all this way to help you, but what do I get?” I reached out to grab Lizzy’s paw, grasping it and pulling Lizzy closer to me so I could hug her for comfort. However, something was wrong… she was too light. I glanced down at the pink limb I held, seeing a ripped end with cotton stuffing seeping out of it. Horrified, I slowly turned my head upwards. What would I see? I braced myself. What I saw made me cry out. By this point I’d forgotten the menace and betrayer that was Aden. Lizzy hung from the opening, hanging on a loose screw by a thread. A bit of her stuffing spilled from the tear, and Lizzy followed. She fell into my lap and lay there, unmoving. I took her cold, limp body in my arms and hugged her, murmuring into her fur, realizing just how much like a corpse she really was. A tear rolled down my cheek. I turned to face the reason for my misery.
“Look at this!” I shouted at Aden, shaking Lizzy softly. “If I hadn’t followed you here, Lizzy would be fine! She would be perfectly fine!” He stepped back from me cautiously, seeing the murderous intent blazing in my brown eyes.
“W-well, it’s your fault, too,” he stammered, frightened as a mouse. He shivered. “You were the one that followed me! A-and that guilt-trip method’s not going to stop me,” he announced. He quickly reached over and grabbed the beaker containing the formula. “And if you try to hurt me, I’ll be too strong and you k-know I’ll win!” With shaky hands, Aden quickly lifted the white liquid to his mouth and drank. He finished it off quickly, wiping his mouth on his sleeve. I watched him. It was my turn to be the one skeptical of his actions.
“There…” he started calming down. A tight smirk crossed his face. “Now, watch me as I grow up right in front of your eyes!” he chortled. He stood in front of me, now confident. I waited, and he waited… the tension of the situation built. Lightning flashed again. Thunder boomed. Nothing happened. The corner of my mouth twitched. It curved, and then my lips parted. I was shocked to hear the sounds coming from my own mouth. I was laughing! There was no threat to me here. The formula was useless… I read the other side of the label that had sat next the beaker. On it were the words “baby formula type XII”!    Hailey Stout has also said…….I edited that just a little already… Now it includes Kylee’s name more often, and tells you how old the characters generally are (Kylee just turned 6. That’s where she got her rabbit. I guess I over-abridged the story…) 

Oct '13

Being Mormon Misfit and why it's totally OK

I grew up in Nevada next to whore houses, casinos w/gambling, smoking, tattoo parlors, drugs, pot, legal things that still hurt yourself or others, you name it it was there, almost all my acquaintances were drunks or smokers by age 15 only 2 of my friends were LDS 1 went to a different school…..I tried to live a good life and be a good example. I was pulled many directions. It was not easy, but making the decision to be LDS and stick to it was worth it. The only thing my heart wanted was to MOVE out of the state and get away from it all. It worked. I met a wonderful man that shared my values. He had decency. He was kind, he wanted a family, he cared for others. I had many struggles and saw more than I wanted to in NV. Somedays I have felt like a black sheep, sometimes on the other side where there were tons of black and I am a lonely white one. Somedays I just want to work, somedays I don’t want to go to church, but I have a strong testimony and I want my children to feel that too. I don’t like comparing myself to others but nature makes me and that makes me feel like a misfit. Seeing some of the kids I grew up with the paths they have taken that led to dark times has been hard. I know being LDS has blessed my life in so many ways.

read article here


Oct '13

October 2013 A day of Nothingness?

This is what the month looks like.  I took my Cub Scout Weblos troop, well all of out troops on an outing 31 of us went to Black Island Farms it’s a Huge well 3-4 big Hay mazes, huge pumpkin patches where you ride tractors pulling loads of people behind them to pick your own pumpkin and they are big pumpkins.

I later took 20 people from the family to do the same thing we also visited the Courtyard with   all kinds of fun things for kids animals to see, pig races, popcorn pit, snacks, bouncy house cow, straw tunnels and more.  the kids loved it  we needed a good 4 hours there but left after 3.

I was able to get discount tickets for everyone for about $4 each by trading Cookie Lee jewelry and Partylite.  I traded $750.00 retail worth of product but because I got a deal on the jewelry etc it brought the prices for $16 a ticket to $4 =) pretty good savings!  The owner wanted to get gifts for her employees and didn’t want to spend money so i traded from my inventory and she traded from hers – passes!  I have been wanting to go for years but it has always been too expensive, this was the perfect route to go since I quit selling jewelry and Parylite.  I just don’t have time these days with the kids in soccer, after school clubs, high school, homework, babysitting Ethan, Landon and Lily 2 days a week going to the chiropractor 2 days a week.  I also joined PTSA @ the Jr High so I have been at a few events at the school, and I have my cub scout den I try to be an amazing leader for.  I just have so much on my plate I cannot do any more.  I was just complaining to Nathan the I just want 1 day 1 day where I don’t have to think about or do anything, no meals, no grocery shopping, no errands, no appointments, no activities, no running around just peace and quiet all day.  My brain is about to explode trying to remember it all and keep it all together and flowing.

Anyhow  we are planning a trip to Idaho to my niece Kelsea’s wedding to Daniel Novak.

My mom is retiring on the 16th so she is planning to come visit us this month with my dad and they are forwarding their mail to our address.


Pumpkin Patch & Hayride trip I want to take the kids on again – I would love to take my parents too.  I think I have just enough passes.

Planning our 14 day trip to Florida

Zach Birthday

Zach Baptism should be in November but we may have to do December

My sister Janika coming to visit in November with all her kids I think  6 of her own though.  Isaac, Emylie, Claire, Andrew, Amellia and Anastasia.  She is going thru a divorce these days.

We are watching Rigby by in-laws dog and that takes work that we don’t normally have to thing about or do. 6 weeks of potty breaks, playing fetch and cleaning up messes.

Parent teacher conferences

Getting Sierra to a concert so she can do a concert report for orchestra.

Last Soccer Games.

Watching the Denver Broncos win 5 games so far and lose 0 this year it’s been really fun!

Book reviews!  I just finished Christy’s and my sister in law Kimberly Kennedy Lay  just got published so I am excited to read her story which is supposed to be scary.

Babysitting a 4 month old 3 year old and 6 year old along with my 4 keeps me on my toes.

I canned 22 bottles of homemade Peach Raspberry Jam  It is sooo good!  Even the kids love it!

Signed all 4 kids up for basketball.

I play volleyball on Thursdays.

I got Hailey into playing volleyball with the YW.

Taking the girls to Young Women’s.

Trying to help my sister Molly and her family keep things together, like getting to church, getting rid of old habits, talking to Leonard and Janika about life things we haven’t really done for years.  staying up late at night worrying about their well being.

Playing a scavenger hunt for my Chiropractors office  we won 2 prizes so far.  We wen to use our frozen yogurt $5 gift cards”Yogotogo” and as we headed to that side of town the power was out.  When we got there the 2 employees were bored and couldn’t serve food because the machines were down.  Someone apparently hit a phone pole.  Yet another adventure.

I got a speeding ticket and have to figure out how to reduce the fee so I am looking at every angle including getting the speedometer checked for accuracy.  I haven’t had one in 10 years I’m not a crazy speeder so my records don’t show that I am.

We got renters in our other house and I made a house visit yesterday to meet their dogs with Sierra.

We are getting Sierra on Acutane / Isotretnoin medication for acne.  she has a bad case like her dad and Aunts when they were younger and they had to go on a strong medication to clear it up for good.  I really hope it helps because she is only 12 an already has a lot of scarring on her forehead.

We are down to 3 of 6 birds 3 have died in the past year mostly from hurting each other and not playing nicely.  Hailey has 3 fish Aurora has 1 beta I have 2 plants

My 2 nephews I watch have strep throat so I made an 8:45 appointment one night to get Aurora in because of a sore throat.  she didn’t have the fever and it was a little too early to tell and they have not called back, but I have been dealing with the sicknesses too, colds for Sierra, Nathan and Aurora.

I made a 25 Cent  list for the kids where they can earn 25 cents for every one of the chores on the list Zach earned $2 right away.  it’s been nice to have some help around the house that mixes with a daily chore for each of them has helped lighten my load a bit, but there is always so much more to do.

I am Room Parent/Mom for Auroras Class  I am in charge of the Halloween Party.  So far we have the treat, and 2 games figured out, but not sure what the lady doing the craft has come up with.

I also signed up to do SNACKS for Auroras class 3 times this month.  They had a sign up sheet and I am supposed to being healthy treats for 25 kids.

Blogging – I keep forgetting that this is the only way I will remember my life because my memory does’t serve me well, but this is where everything is supposed to be and I have not been very good about writing this journal down.

And laundry load after load after load – I am super grateful we have laundry, and a working washer and dryer and electricity and water and beds to sleep in.

Now can you see why I would want a day of nothingness?




Oct '13


DISNEYWORLD HERE WE COME!!!! I cannot wait for the 14 day trip! Glad my parents will be around to do some house sitting  Looking forward to Dole Whips by the Tiki Room, Butterbeer at Universals Harry Potter, Hoopty Doo Review, Sea World, Lego Land, Blue Man Group, 7 day park hopper, Beach, Lazy River at the Villas It was hard keeping the secret from the kids, but we had to let the teachers know so we could get the homework assignments started.


Oct '13

Amish Friendship Bread and Jam

Today, 7 kids 1 newborn, 22 jars jam 1/2 freezer 1/2 cooked 2 loaves of amish friendship bread. 2 loaves banana Amish friendship bread, 24 mini banana muffins, and its only 3:28

Oct '13

Close Encounters Classic Movie Party

Just had a movie party with the kids tonight and watched Close Encounters teaching them some old school classics. It was fun.  Pizza Popcorn and a candybar.  Good Times